Short Vitae

Currently, Dr. Ildar Galeev is involved in researche in the field of Artificial Intelligence in Education. He is a Head of the Information Technologies and Technical Aids of Learning Department in Kazan State Technological University. Also he is an Associate Prof. on the Departments of Informatics and Apllied Mathematics at two Kazan Universities: Kazan State Technological University (KSTU) and Kazan State Technology University named after A.N. Tupolev (KSTU named after A.N. Tupolev).

Dr. Ildar Galeev received his Master Degree in Applied Mathematics from Kazan State Technical University in 1975 and his Ph.D. in Automated Control Systems (subarea - Intelligent Tutoring Systems) from Kazan State Technological University in 1994.

He was a leader of laboratory in State Institute of Research and Design of Computing Machinery for the National Economy (SIRDCMNE). At the same time he participated in a number of research project, as well as in Information Management Systems (IMS) development and deployment for various large plants in the USSR. Dr. Ildar Galeev worked on the problem of "Modeling of Learning", as a leader and a main performer. This project was developed in the framework of the international collaborative program "Study of principles of modern problem-oriented tutoring systems development and creation of authoring tools for support learning processes for the different types of users". Then he worked on the development of authoring tools for designing a learning control subsystem for expert tutoring systems. This project was financing by grants from SPU "Centerprogramsystem" (Tver) and Institute of Informatics Problems (IPI) of Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow).

He is an author of number of courses on information technologies. During the years Dr. Galeev teaches course "Technology of designing the computer systems" in the Centre of Training and Qualification Raising of Teachers of Volga region and Ural Institute as well as many other courses in several Kazan Universities.

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