International Forum of Educational Technology & Society


The 'stand-alone and self-contained' approach in the design and implementation of educational technology is rapidly coming to an end. In the future, educational technology resources will be integrated, requiring that the traditional 'module' based focus is replaced with a design approach supporting a 'community of modules' that are selectively integrated by a 'community of teachers' for various courses to suit a 'community of learners'.

The original purpose for the use of computers in education was to individualise instruction and a lot of attention has been paid to the individual learning styles, though a lot remains to be done in terms of enhancing the individual learning experience. It appears, however, that efficient and effective methods of attaining the social goals of a better educated and well informed citizens and the role intelligent systems can play in it have not been explored significantly. The focus should be on both the individual and social objectives of education. Accordingly, there is a need for a public platform where the educational system developers community (including artificial intelligence community) and educators (teachers, academic managers, educational policy makers) can discuss their own perspectives on prevailing situations and priorities for further research and development. The need for such a dialogue is apparent when we see how insular these communities are in relation to each other:

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